I know I am on a Craig’s List kick, but Im telling you, it is impressive how well it works! I listed my Honda for sale, and got 3 responses in one hour! I am about to list 20,000 SpoonNoodlers as well. Myabe later Ill list my wedding dress. :o)

Are you wondering what a SpoonNoodler is? Well, they are purple extendo spoons that have the cat in the hat on them. Each comes in a macaroni and cheese box…since they were a donation of “official movie merchandise” for Cat in the Hat. If I had my camera here at work, I’d show you a picture. When I get home, Ill add a SpoonNoodler picture.

It is probably a good thing that I never got into the e-bay kick. Judging by my reaction to Craig’s List, I would for sure be an addict.

Anyone want a SpoonNoodler? How about a hundred? I have been calling hospitals, schools, and childrens places…but Craig’s List is the best way for me to give these away.


1 thought on “SpoonNoodler

  1. i love this. i think i need some spoon noodlers. only the cat and the hat could have things called spoonnoodlers. craigslist is fabulous. i got my apartment on craigslist. and my furniture. one of my co-workers got his apartment, car, furniture, dog and GIRLFRIEND from craigslist. MODERATION, MAN!love you amber

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