Flash-Back Friday

This is a segment I am going to call “Flashback Friday” in which I will discuss things from the past that I am embarrased by, proud of, or are worth laughing at.

Come with me to the late 1980’s. I would like to tell you about a decision I made to get only my bangs permed. It was a horrible choice, which I realized on the drive back home from getting them done. I went out the the swingset in the back yard, hung upside down by my knees, and tried my best to straighten the bangs by pulling downward and using the forces of gravity.

My mom told me that it would loosen, that the curls would eventually fall out. What we didn’t realize at the time was how long the perm would actually last. This picture was taken years later.

The only story I have ever heard of someone with worse hair than I had was my friend Andrea from Hope College. She had what she called the “Short-Long.” Her hair was parted on the side, the long side hung down to her shoulder, the short side was a couple of inches long and the back half was shaved. The best part was that her mom shaved the words “RAD DAWG” into the back.

And thus ends the first segment of “Flash-Back Friday”


7 thoughts on “Flash-Back Friday

  1. LOVING flashback friday- what a great tradition! I actually think I had an Esprit t-shirt much like yours back in the day… oh my… and my sister had your oh so fashionable bangs, while I stuck to crimping ALL of my hair into a big fro. It was fantastic. But anyways—- yes yes count us in for tomorrow night- we’ll figure out details on the phone maybe….

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