I think I found the solution to reading in bed while Ryan sleeps. This tiny book light should do it! Yippee! Im going to try it out tonight.


6 thoughts on “Shhhh….

  1. Mark and I had this same challenge for many years in our marriage. (not the surgery rotation thing…but the I want to read in bed while he’s trying to sleep and any microbe ray of light would wake him up). It took me a few years, but I finally convinced him to wear an eye mask. You know, the ones they give you on airplanes when you fly across different time zones? Once he finally got over whatever perceived wrongness he had with wearing an eye mask… Magic. I read. He sleeps. We are still in the same bed. Win. Win. Happy. Happy. — Kem MeyerP.S. And, if Ryan’s snoring ever starts to be an issue? Ear plugs for you save the day and work so much better than kicking him in the back. I tried both. The ear plugs work better for everyone.

  2. Hey – Great photo…Several remedies exist:- strap-on head lights used for tracking deer in the dark- small flashlights held between the teeth- download the books and read from your laptop screen- overhead lights that swivel and turn for maximum light on the book with minimal light on the husband- extremely large print.Don’t give up. You will find the perfect answer.- Mark Beeson

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