Easter Weekend

I am excited about Easter Weekend. Ryan and I will be driving to Michigan late Thursday night when he gets home. Friday morning the fam is heading to Mongo for some Carp Shooting, which I will document and blog about later.

If you want to know more about Mongo, Indiana, click here to read about the most recent UFO sighting there.

On Friday night, two of our friends, Brian and Michelle are driving down to come to Granger with us on Saturday for the first week of the DaVinci Code series! Click here for more info on the weekend series at Granger Community Church.

Brian and Michelle are going to be our new neighbors! They are moving right next door on the 2nd floor! We will live in one half, and they will live in the other. They went to Hope College too, but we didn’t really know them when we were there. Luckily we get to know them now :o)

After church on Saturday we are going to Marshall to spend the rest of Easter with Ryan’s family. This is a picture of his family, taken last summer at the Lake.

Should be a great time!


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