How A Donut Hole Ruined My Day…

Did you ever notice that one donut hole can throw off your entire day of good eating habits? I gave into the pressure of “Employee Appreciation Week” by indulging in one of the complementary donut holes in the break room this morning. That’s right, I had one at 9am. After that, I just kept wanting one more…then it was lunch time, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the donut holes that were sitting on the break room table just waiting to be eaten…so I had another after lunch…then around 3:00 I cracked. All I wanted was for the donut holes to be gone…and eating them was a great way to rid them from my sight.

And that is my story of a single donut hole ruining my day.


6 thoughts on “How A Donut Hole Ruined My Day…

  1. blasted doughnut holes. they are my nemesis. one of the girls i work with keeps bringing in a ton of stuff because her mom is in culinary school. are you kidding me??? its horrible. i miss you my friend. you need to come visit me. someday we’ll be able to fly back and forth and laugh about people who spend $250 on jeans. YIKES a new store just moved in across the way and their jeans are $600! i want to stand outside and tell people they are insane. love you amber!

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