Nasty Sticky Slush

Yes, the weathergirl here is named Amy Freeze…and the forecast is not pretty.

This weather we’re having makes me want to poke my own eyes out!

High: 47 Low: 35
Rain / Snow Mix

High: 48 Low: 32

3 thoughts on “Nasty Sticky Slush

  1. Oh the shenanigans… did you know our power didn’t come back on until 11:45 this morning? Let me rephrase that, it flickered back on twice just as a tease, then waited a few more hours till 11:45. Now it seems to have stabilized. Although there’s no telling what will happen tonight… These are January-style worries, don’t you think?

  2. Steve! I like Amy Freeze, because her name is Amy Freeze for Heaven’s Sake!I don’t like her as much as I like Mark Suppelsa. He has really nice clothes and hair, don’t you think?

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