Who Are You??

Hi, My name is Amber and lately I have been noticing a lot of new first-time visitors to my blog! According to today’s Stats, 36.6% of you are first-time visitors and 36.6% of you have visited less than 5 times. 14.6% of you seem to be long-time fans, and I am curious about you too!

I love that you are reading and hopefully enjoying my shenanigans… My only questions are WHO ARE YOU? and WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? Leave me a comment with your name, how you came across my blog, and why you keep coming back.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


32 thoughts on “Who Are You??

  1. Hi Amber,We havn’t visited in a while and are sitting here cracking up. Your doing a great job. Congrats to Ryan. Looks like life is just a blast. Lee and Lisa

  2. i came to your blog via a link from “baby carolyn” here on blogspot, having been elizabeth’s hope roomie for a few years… i know michelle a bit, too. i check back sometimes for the random fun you post -well done on your blogging!

  3. I was a first time reader a while back and followed the link your blog through my sister’s blog. She labels your site “Glimpses of Michelle through Amber.” Your entries have inspired several in Texas to follow suit.

  4. Hi Amber! (or Ambercakes as we like to call you!) My name is Sharon and my husband Steve and I are friends with Katie Holt & Cali! We live in Laguna Niguel, CA and are maybe a minute away from Katie! Thats how I came across your blog!I enjoy reading it and love all the articles you post! We feel like we know you from your blog and the stories Katie shares! They are all GREAT! Congrats on Ryan’s job AND the appartment!!

  5. Amber- It’s Lisa V. I read your blog almost everyday, I usually link it through Corey Mann’s blog. Your posts are always fun and varied (I loved Hillbilly Housewife!) and you have such a cool, upbeat tone to your blog. I am a “FANBERWIRE” (fan o’ Amberwire!)

  6. Hi Amber – I’m the Director of Community at GCC, and I got here via Tim Steven’s, Lindsey Wasik, Corey Mann, and others who love you. Since Tim Steven’s gave instructions in a post of how to quickly review sites via RSS feeds, I’m seeing it more regularly now! Since first meeting you and serving beside you on a mission trip team to Chicago Lathrop Homes, I just feel connected. You’re real, and I love it! Besides, I love your Mom and your Dad and I enjoy staying connected to who they love – you!

  7. Hi Amber,My name is Melinda Knight. My husband and I pastor a church in Monroe, WA. The Rock Church. I heard about your blog from Tony Morgan. I love the fellow women bloggers! I also am the Creative Arts Director. I LOVE reading your blog. It’s fun and inspiring.

  8. I absolutley love your blog and I love to find out what is going on in your little mind and what is going on in your world. I keep coming back…cause I liked you way before I found out who your dad/family was:) YOu are just so stinkin’ awesome. By the way, the dancer who dances with Apollo on Dancing with the Stars kind of reminds me of you. Have a great day and read the Velveteen Principles:)

  9. My lovely friend, stalking your blog is one of the highlights of my day. This is where I find all the hot news of the day, and of course pictures of myself 🙂

  10. Hi Amber,My name is Dawn Lovitt and I am on staff at Granger Community Church. We have met, for a brief second, but I stumbled upon your blog through other GCC staff members and I love the fact that you share life with us via your blog. Great stuff, fun stuff. Keep it up.

  11. Hi Amber,My name is Dawn Lovitt and I am on staff at Granger Community Church. We have met, for a brief second, but I stumbled upon your blog through other GCC staff members and I love the fact that you share life with us via your blog. Great stuff, fun stuff. Keep it up.

  12. Hello Amber – My name is Anna Tucker. I live in Texas and am an avid reader of Scott Hodge’s blog, which is where I discovered yours. I am now a daily visitor who really enjoys your wit and insight. Thanks for allowing us to peak into your life and share in your pursuit and love for Christ.

  13. Dara! I’m so glad you like my blog! Yes, lets plan on meeting just to the right of the Throne about 10,000 years from today.I can’t wait to see you there!

  14. How ironic that you’d ASK us to come out of the closet so to speak. I’ve always thought about writing you, but was too chicken. My daughter says I’m a blog “stalker” as I love to check out blogs. I came across yours because she goes to Granger and I like to keep up with what’s going on there. Yours is the most interesting and full of good information ( I just HAD to check out Planet Earth after you wrote about it )that I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing your life with us…even if we will probably never meet here on this earth I feel like I will know you in Heaven! Dara Hulse

  15. Hey Amber – my name is Lonnie Bateman. I came across your page via Tony Morgan. I check back from time to time because of your love for God and what He is doing in your life, where he is leading you and your husband. Just a fellow Christian sharing the Love Jesus has for all of us. Keep up the good posts and enjoy the ride God has you on. Peace,Lonnie

  16. Hey Amber -It’s Heidi. I check your blog pretty much every day and I give Noel the update on you and Ryan. We miss you guys like crazy and are hoping it’s easier to find a time to catch up when you’re in GR (since we visit there once in awhile). We’re excited for you as you enter this new life stage!Let us know if you ever want to come to Pasadena…we’d love to see you!Miss you!

  17. Hi there, My name is Aaron Beeson… I live in Winter park, Florida and attend Summit Church. I’m not sure how I came across your blog- perhaps the outrageous amounts of people asking about it all the time. Or perhaps I went there after so many people were like, “So do you think you’ll ever be as cool as your sister?” …And I kept coming back because I realized that clearly, I am not, nor ever will be as cool as my sister and need to read this blog in order to stay on top of things.Like I’ve said before, this is where I come catch up on anything cool in the world. Plus, I get to hear about your life and it makes me feel less disconnected : ) Ziiiiiiiing-

  18. Hi! My name is Jenny Johnson. I’m a stay at home mom who used to attend Granger and did Camp Adventure with you in 98, 99, 00. My maiden name was Cobb. It’s fun and exiting to read your adventures. It’s cool that Ryan is doing pulmanary. My second son Timmy had R.S.V. and we were very thankful for the doctors we had in Des Moines. We live in Iowa and LOVE it! Keep blogging!Blessings,Jenny Johnsonp.s. YAKADOO!oh yeah and I’m not sure how I came across your blog from somebody at Granger though.

  19. Hey..my name is Jenn Collins. I’m the communications director at Church of Pembroke Pines in south FL. I can’t remember how I came across your blog…I think it may have been through Tim Schraeder..who I met at ministryCOM last year! Anyway, I keep reading because your posts are interesting…you keep me coming back!

  20. I check back almost daily because you post so frequently, and you keep things interesting. A lot of other people take FOR – EVER to put something new up, but I can always count on you for something fun to read while I am bored (usually during my daughter’s naptime!). Your posts are a nice mix of random “fluff” and tidbits about your life. Keep it up 🙂

  21. Hi Amber-My name is Matthew Starner. I’m Director of Worship & Arts at Journey of Faith (www.journeywired.org) in Grand Rapids, MI. I stumbled across your blog from Tony Morgan’s blog a while back. I love the fun stuff you share! Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other in GR sometime when you move here. Keep bringing us those shenanigans!

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