The Green Mill

Last night we went with Michelle and Bryan and a bunch of our friends from our 2by2 Bible Study to The Green Mill to listen to our friend Marc play his trumpet. Marc is quite a musician. He is married to Allison, who was in Ryan’s class and just finished Med School too. Allison is going to be an Opthalmologist and Marc plays every Thursday night with Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra – which is really really good! WATCH THEM HERE

The Green Mill has been open since 1907. As the twenties roared, The Green Mill became mobster territory when Al Capone’s henchman, “Machinegun” Jack McGurn, gained a 25% ownership of the club. Manager Danny Cohen had given McGurn the 25% stake to “persuade” comedian/singer Joe E. Lewis from moving his act south to the New Rendezvous Café at Clark and Diversey. McGurn managed to convince Lewis by slitting his throat and cutting off his tongue. Miraculously, Lewis recovered, but his songs never regained their lush sound. The incident was later immortalized in the movie The Joker is Wild, with Frank Sinatra as Joe E. Lewis and a Hollywood soundstage as The Green Mill. Of course, his interest piqued, Sinatra had to visit the club.

Read more History HERE

It’s pretty crazy to think that Al Capone may have been sitting in the same booth and dancing on the same old floor that we were on last night.

We did some dancing, and when this old guy Pete asked me to dance, I happily accepted. Ryan thought that was pretty hilarious.

Sweet Home Chicago


2 thoughts on “The Green Mill

  1. Love the pictures!! Thanks for putting my sister on the Internet. As for June 19/20 I’m all about it! Do you need a place to stay while you are here? We have a GREAT spare bedroom. 🙂 Let me know what your story is!

  2. I’m jealous! Steve and I have been talking about going to The Green Mill for a long time….just haven’t made it a huge priority. Alan Gresik’s orchestra was in the movie, Return to Me. I’ve wanted to see the orchestra perform live since I saw that movie.

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