Our Mountainside Chalet

This is the cabin where you all need to stay! It’s called “Another Paws,” was just built a month ago and overlooks the Smoky Mountains. The theme of decor was black bears, and we saw three on our trip, so that fit well. This particular cabin was a one bedroom, but Black Bear Lodging has rentals that sleep as many as 100 people! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Black Bear Lodging. They were really great.

Our place had a hot tub, huge wrap around porch, grill, 2 bathrooms, laundry, and even a dishwasher! I was in heaven! Every morning we were woken up by the sun, ate breakfast out on the porch, and Ryan made himself a pot of coffee before we headed into the park to hike.

We didn’t have any coffee filters, so Ryan built them out of paper towel, and apparently it worked.

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