Ramsey Cascades Hike

A mere 8 miles round trip hike doesn’t look very hard on a map, but let me tell you, when we got out there around mile 3, I was re-thinking our idea of hiking to Ramsey Cascades, the tallest waterfall in the park. This is the very beginning of the season, so not many people were out there. If anything went wrong, we were goners for sure.

Each mile was different terrain, the first mile was pretty typical – a wide, gravel trail. The 2nd mile led us along the river, which was highly fascinating to Ryan, who fell in.
The third mile was a deep dark forest with jungle-size trees and humid air that made thick green moss grow on everything around. We happened across a huge pile of scat on the trial, which we assumed was either from a black bear, or a delirious hiker… Either way, we were carefully watching out for both.

The last mile was really intense, proper mountain climbing up to the falls, which were well worth the hike it took us to get there. We ate our lunches at the base of the falls and then got up the gumption to begin hiking back down the mountain.
Hiking down is surprisingly harder than up, because it’s basically a controlled fall. My legs were shaking…Ryan seemed fine.

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