The Smoky Mountains!!

We had one of the best times of our lives last week in the Smoky Mountains! Our week was full of fresh mountain air, extreme relaxation, spending time in nature, falling more in love with eachother, seeing WILD black bears, hiking until we couldn’t hike anymore, and to top it all off Ryan chased a huge snake up a tree. If you haven’t been to the Smokies, you have to go there…right now you should get online and book a place an go! Are you going right now? I’m serious, you should go.

On our way there we stopped to explore Mammoth Cave. Pretty cool…55 degrees year-round to be exact! Our favorite part of the History Tour was “Fat Man’s Misery.” Luckily we made it through this year. We may use this spot as a benchmark for our size as we grow older and less active. We hope that the next 4 posts will give you a little glimpse into our week in the Smoky Mountains, and perhaps inspire you to visit there yourself. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Smoky Mountains!!

  1. It seems like you guys had a FANTASTIC time!! I’d LOVE to see that part of the world sometime! I’m sold…where do we sign up for Another Paws?!!! Glad you had a chance to do such a romantic trip!

  2. What an amazing experience! Wow! I am a wee bit (ok a LOT bit) jealous! 😉 I’m so glad you guys got to go and experience nature and just be together. Such a cool trip…!

  3. Oh man! This was the best review of a wonderful trip! Sheila and I prayed for you guys the whole time so it is great to hear (and see) that it was such a tremendous experience. You guys are awesome!Love you…- Daddy

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