Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is one of my favorite theme parks. Last time we went there I was 8…and this time I was 26. Still good times. It’s an awesome zoo, but also has some rockin’ huge roller coasters.

We’re in the back row on this one….can you find us?

Ryan, Aaron & John managed to ride 12 times. They did this one wooden roller coaster called the GWAZI 4 times in a row. I did it once and nearly cracked a rib. As you can tell by thier faces, they were loving every minute of the coasters.The carosel can be fun…but only if you’re doing something funny while riding.

The “Pirates 4-D Experience” is not on my list of recommendations for you. Basically, it’s targeted to children, but is too scary for children…and you leave looking like you entered a wet t-shirt contest. At this one part, the 3-D Davey Jones releases these 3-D pigeons that seem to fly overhead, and as they pass, streams of water start shooting down from the celing for a couple of seconds. Everone screams, then the streams stop…except for the one over Dad’s chair. His just kept streaming down. Everytime I looked over at him, he was still cupping his hands to catch the water and throwing it onto the floor.


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