Catching Up

Okay, so I have been catching up on blogging for the last for 4 days and have finally finished posting about Florida.

Ryan and I got back to town and were quite surprised by three things.
  1. Gas Prices
  2. The Horrifying Cicadas
  3. Michelle started a blog!

Can you see that gas price? We were driving past and I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough to get a straight shot…it says $3.97 for regular!

Do you see those nasty little bugs all over my tire? Those are Cicadas and they’re EVERYWHERE!! Its so gross! They only hatch every 17 years…then they lay eggs and die then their eggs hatch again 17 years later. It seems like a viscious cycle. I am hoping they figure out a way to stop the cycle before the year 2024. Every day and all night every night you can hear them chirping-screaching-buzzing-whatever you want to call the sound they make.

Finally the day has come that my friendly neighbor MICHELLE has started a BLOG!! Click HERE to read what she has to say about life.

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