Camp Adventure

Today is the first day of the first week of Camp Adventure for the summer. Granger has so many Middle Schoolers that they had to expand to two weeks of Camp. When my dad was in 7th grade he accepted Jesus as a camper at Camp Adventure. Then he was a counselor at camp, leading a group of Jr. High boys, then he was the Director and for 20 years our family was there for a week every summer! My mom was the camp nurse. She is awesome.

So, all of that is to say that Dad has never missed a single summer. He has been doing Camp Adventure every single summer for 35 years and I think that’s pretty cool.This week Dad is there with Angela and John and an awesome team of counselors. I love Camp Adventure. When they get back I’ll post some videos that Corey makes each year.


3 thoughts on “Camp Adventure

  1. So, I like they way your brother thinks. You all need to do it. Kidnap your husband and come join the gang. I miss you guys being there. Angie and I are excited about July CA. Can you believe Judy won’t be there anymore? I’ll take good picture this year, so you can start coaxing Ryan into going next year.

  2. Great times! I was looking through my scrapbooks and came across a page that I had done when I think it was in 1999 a bunch of counclers went to Mejiers before camp and got matching Indiana Hoosiers shirts! Very cool…because as I recall that was the summer a group came up from Florida!

  3. AGHG!? I want to be there so bad! How much fun would it be to go back and be counselors? Let’s plan a summer and do it, Amber. I’m serious. I’m going to do it.I’m headed in tomorrow to talk to Big John at Summit. I think they are going to let me do an Internship which I could not be happier about. Keep posting, one of my favoirte parts of any day is jumping online and seeing that you posted something new to keep me informed on everything-

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