Some people are so nice. I can’t believe how generous Heidi’s grandparents Cliff & Huddy are for letting us live in their basement for two weeks. Last night when we got here they gave us the grand tour, showed us how to turn off the smoke alarm, and even fed us pizza. INCREDIBLE! I love looking at all of the pictures of Jr. High Heidi on the walls. (I miss you friend!)

We sat out on the porch with Heidi’s sister Hillary and her fiance Kevin last night. They went to Hope too, so we have bumped into eachother before. I actually met Hillary for the first time at a Cutco Convention about 5 or 6 years ago. Such great people. Kevin is letting me use his high-speed internet!

Ryan left this morning for his first day of orientation which consists of a full physical exam. When he gets back we’re going to ride our bikes. Yippee!!

That’s pretty much the news from here for today.

7 thoughts on “WE MADE IT TO GR

  1. I think you’ve been gone long enough. Maybe you should come back. You probably need to come rescue your melting candles… and a few lonely Scheffers’… We miss you!!!!!

  2. Welcome back to west Michigan. I have a prediction to make. . . . there will be ruts in the road between GR & the windy city and the cell phones will seldom stay silent long!I thank God for your friendship with M&B!!! What a blessing you two have been!

  3. So glad to hear that you made it! Hillary and Kevin were both in class with me and they are great. I’m glad all is going well and I will talk to you sometime this week. We are planning to come to the lake on July 7. Can’t wait to see you!

  4. I’m so glad it’s working out for you, Amber! I got your message yesterday but it was late. Seriously, I’m so glad you have a place to stay. I hope you enjoy it…and don’t laught too hard at those jr high pictures! :)Heidi

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