I am so so so excited about Granger’s Innovate conference coming up in September! I am a teeeeny bit biased because of my extreme love and devotion for Granger, everyone who works at Granger, everyone who goes to Granger, and basically everything Granger does and is going to do until Jesus comes. Regardless, you need to be there! Your team needs to be there, their spouses need to be there, and the front runners of your ministry need to be there! It’s going to expand your thinking! I can’t wait!

Tune in for Tim & Kem’s weekly Countdown to Innovate Podcast
SCOTT HODGE will be there! Will you?? I’m so excited to hang out with my blogging friends and meet you if i haven’t already!! Comment to let me know if you’ll be there and I’ll be on the lookout for you!


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