It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

I joined the Y, which has been a really fun thing for me to do every morning, getting out of the house, doing some socializing, watching E! News, and getting my sweat on.

Ryan has this “corporate members” deal that gives us 6 sessions with a wellness coach. I went in for my first session last week and we did all of the BMI, Weight, Flexibility, Upper Body Strength, and Basil Metabolic Rate testing. Basically, I discovered that I am pretty close to half made out of bones and organs and half made out of fat. “But that’s why you’re here, right?” said my wellness coach excitedly. “Yes, that is exactly why I am here!” I replied.
I got average scores across the board, except for flexibility…I did above average on that one :o) Thank you yoga class!
Then, as an incentive (I LOVE INCENTIVES) at the end of each session I get a prize! My first prize was a pedometer. I wore it the next day for a few hours while I ran my errands. The only problem is that everyone can hear this “tick, tick tick” sound coming from me with every step. I pretty much sound like a walking time bomb and was quite surprized that I didn’t get kicked out of the store for being a potential hazzard to everyone around me.
Today I went back for session #2 and learned all of the lower-body circuit weight machines. The best part was my incentive…this cool new gym bag.

5 thoughts on “It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

  1. I thought about working out one time, then I drove past a “Y” and felt new, different, somehow changed by the experience. I was delighted with the progress so I determined to enjoy my gains and drive on. I still think back on the experience with deep appreciation for the help the “Y” offered me. – Mark Beeson, your father…

  2. Way to go! How fun! Rob and I miss our gym membership immensely and are seriously considering joining again soon. I’ll let you know if we do and we could workout together! Anyway… we’ve been attending MarsHill, but have started looking around for smaller churches. That probably doesn’t help much… but we’d love to have you two over for dinner if your up for a trip to Hudsonville sometime! Let me know and we’ll figure out a way to connect.

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