New Buffalo

Saturday morning Ryan and I met up with Michelle and Bryan in New Buffalo! Believe it or not, we had not seen them since they day they helped us move in! INSANITY! Needless to say, spending the day with them made us feel like everything was right with the world. Unknowingly, we showed up to discover that a festival was going on and that everyone and their brother was there. After grabbing a bite to eat at the Stray Dog, we went down to the beach and walked past the crowds all the way to the line on the beach where the private property began.
A few hours later the police began moving everyone from our 2/3rds of the beach into the last 1/3rd so they could “set up for fireworks.” We walked back down the beach past the 2nd lifeguard chair and tried to find a spot of sand big enough for our towells. The mass of humanity was unbelievable. My feet were in the shade of the person’s umbrella in front of us and my arm was nearly touching the blanket of the family beside us.

Michelle and I had quite an entertaining time watching Ryan and Bryan standing out in the water off the beach surrounded by people…gazing over at the mile of empty beach and water that was “off limits” for them.

We finished up the day with a glorious sunset – and then dinner at Redamak’s…which is never good food, but you have to go…because Redamak’s is “The Hamburger that made New Buffalo Famous”


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