Guy Kawasaki at INNOVATE 2007

I LOVED GUY KAWASAKI at INNOVATE! So much great stuff. I had the great privilege of sitting at his table, so I noticed some things that others may have missed. Guy was taking pictures of the crowd with his digi cam before getting on stage to give his talk. I thought that was funny. Also, he had some crazy gadget on the table that I figured was some sort of new really innovative camera/phone/ipod/pointer/tazer/flashlight thing…but it turns out it was just his powerpoint controller thing.

He made me want to get a Mac. Aaron was sitting with me and he has a slick little MacBook Pro laptop that is so cool!

I enjoyed that Guy incorporated Bozos, Stupids, and Crappiness into his session. Seriously, read the notes on his session from Dave Ferguson or DC Currys blogs!


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