Niagara Falls

On the drive back from New York we decided to spend the night in Niagara Falls, Ontario. one word – AWESOME!

The falls were unbelievable! It’s no wonder the town has become such a tourist trap. Check out the rainbow in the mist!

I highly suggest putting “take a trip to Niagara Falls” on your “to-do list.

They gave us these snazzy blue rain ponchos before we boarded the “Maid of the Mist” boat. Earlier that morning I called the Maid of the Mist company to book our tour. The lady who answered the phone chuckled as she explained that the tours happen every 15 minutes and over 600 people fit on each boat…which is to say there is no need to schedule ahead of time.

We were SOAKED by the time we emerged from the base of the falls. I think the captain was having fun since this was the 2nd to last tour of the day.

We had a blast! I also highly suggest that when you visit the Falls, you go see the Falls Movie on IMAX. It tells the stories of the crazy daredevils who went over in barrells and lived! Some died…but other LIVED! Crazies!


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