Cold Tangerines

My friend Shauna wrote this book and the following people MUST read it!
Michelle, Sandy, Brooke, Ruby, Katie, Maureen, Heather, April, Jessica, Kristie, Chelsey, Holli, Kristin, Delle, Mo, Amy, Angie, Megan, Sarah, Shelly, Kate, Brittany, Danae, Lauren, Lisa, Ashlee, Mandy, Sandra, Steph, Allison, Julie, Rhonda, Jami, Lindsay, Heidi, Mindy, Jen, Tiece, Tara, Anne, Olivia, Sami, Elaine & Jenny.

If I failed to mention you, but you think you should be on this list – then for heaven’s sake, READ THIS BOOK!


7 thoughts on “Cold Tangerines

  1. maybe it’s the rebellious pastor’s kid in me that doesn’t want to read it just cause you said i should. πŸ™‚ but oh, alright – maybe i can borrow your copy???

  2. Funny…Earlier this week I spotted this book in Jason Miller’s mail box and (sorry Jason) picked it up, copied the front and back covers and shared the blurb from the back with Kathy Guy. It is on my list to read. If nothing else, it is pretty and will look good on my bookshelf!

  3. i’m only a few chapters into this and it’s completely sums up a lot of the emotions i have felt in the last couple years of my life. it’s amazing to know that i’m not the only one who has felt like this. amazing. thanks amber!!!

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