Interview Dinners

You may recall this time last year when Ryan and I began our journey on the interview trail for residency…I blogged about it here. We roamed from town to town learning about a bunch of different programs, having dinner with lots of groups of residents, and deciding if Ryan would “fit in” at each of the places. After months of interviewing and decision making, on Match Day (click here to read my post from then), Ryan opened the envelope that told us we would me moving to Grand Rapids, MI where Ry would complete his residency at DeVos Children’s Hospital. Remember Match Day? I feel like it was yesterday! All of that is to say, I love being on the other end of the interview trail. Each week Ryan and I have been taking the interviewees to dinner the night before they interview. I think it’s awesome – like date night, but with a bunch of other people. We answer their questions, tell them about the town and the program, and basically just enjoy a wonderful meal at some really nice restaurants downtown.
Tonight is one of those nights! I heard a rumor that some of the interviewees are bringing thier spouses along…which means I might actually be helpful!

3 thoughts on “Interview Dinners

  1. Wow – what a process (and what a fun thing to have “match day”!). I’m glad you guys are in GR – and what fun to be on the other end of the process and be able to help other people out.

  2. If I was a young wife and got to meet you, I would vote for GR just to get to be your friend! So glad you are on the other side of interviewing as well. We love you guys, MOMO

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