“Life is not a snapshot. You take a picture with a camera, and it freezes that moment forever, its part of the reason we like pictures. Its frozen in that moment forever, Its captured, preserved. But life’s not like that. And when you are in a moment, and you’re looking at yourself thinking, “I am a failure, I can’t even serve God right, I can’t even be faithful to Christ. I am a failure.” You have to remember, life is not a snapshot. Life is a video. And I know it feels like this is a moment, frozen in time, but its not, The camera is still rolling. Tomorrow is different, the next day is different, five years is different. But not if you stay here. You can’t stay here in this misery. So come to Jesus, ask for His forgiveness. And get on with your life. God has a plan for your life, and you are too young to quit now. You’ll stumble from time to time, but don’t think that your life is frozen in time. Its video baby. So go out there and Make a great Movie.”
– Mark Beeson


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