Weekend in Traverse City

Ryan and I had an absolutely awesome weekend. He wasn’t on call Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so we decided to take a trip. We planned on cross country skiing in Gaylord, but the recent heat wave melted all the snow, so we went up to Traverse City instead.

We stayed on the 9th floor of the beautiful Park Place Hotel. The only problem was that there was a piano bar on the 10th floor – and the picture frame banging against the wall to the beat of “Funky Cold Medina” woke us up around midnight.
On Saturday we travelled up to Old Mission Point Lighthouse at the 45th parallel (half way between the Equator and the North Pole) and walked out to the bay. It was crazy how quiet it was…and the water was really low, and frozen, so that didn’t make a sound either. We had fun hiking around looking at rocks.
Here is Ryan using his hand to show you where we were standing in Michigan.

This is a picture of Grand Traverse Bay – as you can see on Ryan’s hand, we were at the top of that peninsula in the middle of the bay. Pretty cool drive up there.

Saturday night we met up with our friends Luke and Lindsey and Luke’s brother Bain and his wife Laura. We had a really fun dinner together, hung out at the piano bar on the 10th floor of our hotel then watched a movie at this cool little theater downtown TC.

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Traverse City

  1. Hey Amber,Happy here,Great to see Ryan and yourself up to your advenutresome ways again.Sent you an email to your old comcast address it failed. also tried your old aol one. if you check neither of those let me know your new email please so i may forward.Happy

  2. Amber I miss you SO much and I just love reading your blog! I really hope to catch up soon. I need your number..There’s just way to much to email about. Hope God’s doing awesome things through you.Love,Col

  3. Rob and I have pictures of ourselves from that lighthouse. It was really an amazing place. I remember feeling like I was about to walk off the edge of the earth or something. Really cool place!

  4. We went to TC for our first anniversary and ate at the most wonderful little restaurant at the tip of that peninsula: Boathouse… aren’t some of those houses beautiful! Anyway, glad you got to have such a quality weekend with Ryan!

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