Flashback Friday

It’s 10pm on Friday night night Ryan is sleeping. He has to wake up soon to go to work. He’s on the crazy shift this week. 11pm-7am. It good…because it’s only 8 hour shifts…but it’s bad because it seems like every time he is awake I am asleep and every time he is asleep I am awake.

I think I need a hobby.

I tried knitting once in college. My friends and I made some blankets, but mine turned out in the shape of a tornado because SOMEBODY didn’t tell me about the “count your stitches” part. Luckily the small end fits perfectly over my feet.

I used to be more crafty – in Jr. High my friend Becky and I would spend hours and hours each week making earrings out of Friendly Plastic that we boiled and shaped.

I definitely thought I was too cool for crafts when I entered 9th grade.

Looking back now it is blatantly obvious that I was very far from being anything close to cool.

Did anyone else have only their bangs permed?

9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. 1 – I totally had permed bangs only. They took over half of the top of my head. I looked as if there were a poodle hunched on my forehead.2 – I made earrings and necklace pendants with Friendly Plastics. My mom still has some of our creations. Two-ish years ago, I had to convince her that they weren’t cool anymore.

  2. The picture of you and the (cute) permed bangs, and Becky and the crafts, and Katies hairsprayed bangs is yesterday to me. I treasure those memories as one of the best times in my life!:0)LoveMichelle

  3. I remember Friendly Plastic! I most liked making earrings and pins… like some kind of crazy arrangement of narrow strips, triangles, and squares, glue a pin to the back and wear it on your shirt. Oh the early 90’s!…. and yes my bangs were permed. and i had hammer pants.

  4. i love that picture more than you will ever know!! i love you!your permed bangs were way better than my ‘barrel roll’ bangs that i wrapped around a tiny curling iron and sprayed them until they wouldn’t move. oh heavens.

  5. I also had the permed bangs…it was a BAD look. My friends called me poodle head. Not good for a fourth grader’s self esteem. Also, I think that when we have kids, we definitely need to bring back the Friendly Plastic. I love you, Amber!

  6. FRIENDLY PLASTIC!! I can’t believe you remember what it’s called – I LOVED that stuff. There was a store on Plainfield that used to sell ONLY friendly plastic – I raided that store a few times with my mom. I bet I still have some of my way rad earing sets.

  7. I SO LOVED FRIENDLY PLASTIC! I haven’t thought of it in years, but my friends and I loved it too. There’s something to be said for growing up in the 80s! Hope you’re doing great!

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