My Valentine the Volunteer

My valentine and I decided to Volunteer at the Casting Crowns/Leeland concert last night. Casting Crowns = a little too countrian (country/christian) for my liking, but Leeland is one of my favorite bands. So, last night we got to see Leeland for free while signing up a bunch of people to sponsor kids through World Vision.

Ryan had been on call the night before, awake for 34 hours, so he was a bundle of volunteering fun. He was positive that VanAndel Arena smelled like Chuck-e-Cheese and you should have seen him react to a couple of 6th graders who tried to take a few handfulls of pens from our table. Not a good idea kids….not a good idea.
World Vision is such an awesome organization. Ryan and I have been sponsoring a little guy named Icimone Mario for a few years now and it’s a great feeling to be able to help him go to school and get the medicine he needs. Last night around 500 kids got sponsored during the concert. I think if people have an easy way to give, they will give.

Hey World Vision, Nice work making it easy to give!


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