Ron Vandergriend

I just finished watching Granger’s Mid Week service online. My friend Ron Vandergriend who I got to go to India with a couple of times taught – this is a service you don’t want to miss.

Acceptance vs. Assimilation – Do people have to enter into our culture and our comfort zone before they can be saved? When another culture comes into our culture it makes us nervous. Christian churches in America get nervous when people who don’t know how to “do church” come into their churches.

Viruses are caught, not taught – People don’t try to get a virus, it just spreads. “Each one teach one” is not the best way for us to spread the news of Jesus. We need to go viral – spreading the news from person to person, church to church, country to country, and to the ends of the earth.

There is a connection between Faith and Fear – “If you have faith in the one who set the table, you have no reason to fear what goes on the plate.” Fear is a barrier to acceptance, a barrier to faith.

Hear what Ron had to say HERE


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