Stuff Christians Like

I’ve mentioned one of my favorite writers/bloggers ProdigalJon on my blog before – we’ll friends, he started a new blog called “” that is absolutely hilarious! His satire about topics like christian hand-holding, the five love languages, the side hug, wishing your testimony was more exciting and veggie tales will have you laughing and thinking about people’s perceptions of christians in a whole new light.

A lot of non-christians have been commenting on his posts – take this comment from Eric for example:

Absolutely brilliant. These posts are so honest it’s stunning. I wish every religious person I knew approached life with this attitude. It’s unflinchingly Christian but not arrogant, and #62 gives incredible insight as to why. It takes a humanist approach to God, which is what Christ is anyway. No offense to anyone reading this, but if I weren’t an atheist, I’d strive to be this kind of Christian.

“If I weren’t an atheist, I’d strive to be this kind of Christian.” That is why Jon is writing that site, that is why he is penning silly things to a wide audience. He wants people that would never read Prodigal Jon or 97 seconds with God because it’s too “churchy” to know that “this kind of Christian” exists. He wants people that maybe don’t know how much God misses them to know that he is watching the road for their return. He wants atheists to see that we can be funny and real and maybe even honest.

Check it out!


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