Hello? Hello?

Did you know that in my family growing up we had very specific rules about how we answered the phone at our house?

“Beesons, Amber Speaking”
“Beesons, Angela Speaking”
“Beesons, Aaron …wait, Aaron never answered the phone thanks to his two sisters

My mom and dad even did it, and still do it to this day! They are all about leading by example. If you call their house and my dad answers, he says”Beesons, Mark Speaking” My mom simplified it, she just says “Beesons” in a really pleasant way.

I think its pretty cool. My mom grew up saying “McNichols Residence” at her house. My friend Sota says “Moshi Moshi” when he answers the phone (that’s because he’s Japanese) but it’s really cool – because it’s different.

I need to think of a new way to answer the phone at our house. Hmmmm….

“Cox Cottage” has a nice ring…but we don’t live in a cottage so people might get confused
“Cox Residence” …too formal
“HIYOOOOOOOO!” Really fun, maybe too much fun for an innocent caller on an average day.

Read 8 Ways to Make Your Telephone Personality More Attractive and you’ll want to get more creative too!

How do you answer your phone?


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