The Wrong Ryan Cox

I love my family. My dad, his sister (my Aunt Becky) and his brother (my Uncle Matt) send emails pretty much every other day with updates and hilarious stories to the entire family. Well, today this letter was written in response to one of Uncle Matt’s recent updates:

ahem, and I quote:

Glad as I am to hear all the excellent news I suspect that I am not the intended recipient. I am often confused with various others of the same name on account of my very short email address. Not that I mind the happy updates but the other Ryan Cox would likely prefer to be included in my stead.

If by some embarrassing mishap of memory I really do know all of you but have forgotten, I apologize profusely and beg that you remind me of our connection.

Congratulations nonetheless on your successes. May they continue to multiply.

In peace,
Ryan Cox of San Jose, California

How hilarious is that?!?! Some poor random “Ryan Cox” has been getting all of the Beeson family emails instead of my Ryan!

I know it’s only 8:17am, but this is the most hilarious thing to happen all day!


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