Patagonia – Living the Brand

I’ve been doing some research lately on a hand full of brands that are really awesome. Patagonia is one of those brands. I love the way Patagonia’s Brand story runs deep in every fiber of who they are as a company. Below are just a couple of paragraphs from an article on their site that talks about their buildings -you can read the whole article HERE

Inside the 171,000-square foot warehouse/office complex, whose steel frame, insulation and window glass contain recycled materials, energy efficient lighting systems rely on motion sensors to help conserve electricity. In winter, a radiant heating system that uses copper tubing and hot water saves natural gas. A bio-filtration system that employs an oil/water separator moves runoff from the roof and parking lot to percolate back into the ground.

The carpet is 100% recycled polyester, the restroom counter tops 100% recycled plastic and portions of the office walls are made of compressed field straw that’s formaldehyde-free. Wallboard, paint, floor coverings and ceiling and shower tiles also use recycled content. All wood used is either reclaimed or sustainably harvested. The building is old-growth free.

Recently, their “Footprint Chronicles” mini-site won a Webby Award. Check it out to find out why.


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