Grand Rapids Ballet

Thursday night my friend Kim invited me to tag along with her and 10 of her attorney friends to see the Grand Rapids Ballet Company in action. I’ve never been to a proper ballet, so many things amazed me about the evening. I’ll tell you four of those things.

  1. Ballerinas are very skinny. I’m pretty sure I could clearly see the ball and socket joints of their shoulder bones under their skin.
  2. All the local celebrities hang out at the ballet.
  3. People in attendance dress to the nines. There were a lot of fancy, glittery, sparkly, sequiny, silky, flowy black fabrics.
  4. If your last name is “Ivory” are you destined to become a pianist…or if you are an incredible pianist, do you change your last name to Ivory?

I really had a great time and would love to go to the ballet again sometime. Dancers are amazing. I don’t understand how they can do the things they do with their bodies.


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