Keith and Beadie

Let me introduce you to Keith and Beadie. Ryan and I met them today while strolling through the Arts and Craft show at Centennial Park. Keith makes these BEAUTIFUL hand-crafted log benches and sells them at craft fairs all over the place. Each piece is totally unique and incredibly priced! Ryan and I bought asweet-looking cherry bench to put inside our front door. You can check out some of his creations at his website.

Ryan: You guys are from Indiana? My wife is from Granger

Keith: Oh yeah, we know Granger

Ryan: Have you heard of Granger Community Church?

Keith: Oh yeah! Do you know Mark Beeson?

Ryan: Yep, that’s Amber’s dad actually.

Keith: We knew Mark and Sheila over 20 years ago before they ever moved to Granger

And then the story-telling began. Ryan and I sat in Keith and Beadie’s tent while they told us about my mom and dad moving to Granger to start a church to reach out to people who didn’t want to go to church and what a crazy idea that was. Keith helped my dad and believed in my dad and loved the vision that my dad had for this new church.

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