just gimme a sec

Sometimes when life gets a little hectic, or a lot hectic it’s good to step back, take a breath, and regain some perspective.

Ryan and I had a chance to do that last weekend. Due to a bizarre scheduling mess-up at the hospital, Ryan had Thursday and Friday COMPLETELY OFF! This is absolutely unheard of, so Ryan double checked with his superiors and they told him it was true. He didn’t have to work on Thursday or Friday. To top it off, this was one weekend that he wasn’t on call on Saturday or Sunday either!

Being the really supportive wife that I am, I decided to use one of my vacation days to take Friday off from my job too :o)

We rested. We relaxed. We did laundry and dishes. We took bike rides. We planned out our vacation. We laughed. We walked around. We read books. I gave Ryan a haircut. We saw our friends at bible study. We hung out together. We ate food…it was awesome!

I highly recommend that you get away for a minute. Even if you can’t go anywhere, do something that you love to do and give yourself a sec to step back and enjoy life. This weekend was just what we needed. I feel much more sane this week, and I’ve never loved Ryan more.

Jesus said, I have come that they might have life and have it to the full!– John 10:10


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