Viva Mexico!!

Ryan and I have returned from an INCREDIBLE vacation and I’m so excited to share some stories and pictures with you!

Our friends Max and Meredith planned their vacation in line with ours so we got to spend a week in Mexico together. The weather was amazing, the white sandy beach was like a dream and the food was…well…we ate it.

We met Max and Mer when we lived in Chicago, they moved to Colorado and we moved to GR so this was the first time we have seen them in almost 2 years!! We had a blast reconnecting and catching up on all the shenanigans of our lives.
I love Ryan so much. We are so thankful for the time we had away from our busy lives. We laughed a lot, spent hundreds of hours together, made memories that will last a lifetime and got rejuvinated for this next leg of our journey.
Ryan is almost done with his intern year of residency. In one month he will no longer be the bottom of the food chain. Yippee! Only 2 years to go of residency, then three more for fellowship! I love being on this adventure with Ry.

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