We took a little adventure on Wednesday. Early in the morning we loaded onto a bus and began the trip 140 miles deep into the jungle of the Yukatan Peninsula to check out one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Chichen Itza is one of the most famous Mayan Ruins on the planet.

On the way there, we stopped for lunch in a mayan village where Max and Meredith jumped into a 150 foot deep sinkhole in the middle of the jungle. It was BEAUTIFUL! I only got one picture with my camera, so I’ll have to post more when Max and Mer send me their pics.

While we were in the village, Ryan NAILED the Mayan buffet. He loved it. He ate more food at that meal than any other meal on our trip. Unfortunately, the Mayan buffet nailed him back the next day – but he doesn’t regret it. I’ll have to admit, the rice an beans were quite delicious.

Our tour guide Luigi gave us a lot of incredible history and interesting information about this archeological site.

It’s amazing – to put it simply. The Mayan people were using science and mathematics brilliantly, not just in creating the design of these buildings, but creating the calendar that we use today. We were especially impressed by the Observatory, which NASA has sent tems out to study.

So I guess I need to go see the new Indiana Jones movie since it takes place in some Mayan ruins.

and finally…the most hilarious picture of the day: Ryan posing for the crowd.
Hey Luke, let me know if you want more info so you can turn this into a unit for your 4th grade students. Ryan will come in to give your class a little presentation.

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