El Hashiru y Rodizio Braziliano Resaurantos

We loved this Japanese restaurant called “El Hashiru” so much that we ate there twice! It was awesome. A proper Hibachi Grill and sushi too! The sushi was not as good as our favorite sushi house in Chicago, but it was still pretty good. Max and Ryan ate the grilled octopus. Mer and I stuck with the beef and chicken.

We also ate at a Brazilian steakhouse called “El Rodizio” where they bring out various meat on a skewer. We liked it, but for one round they gave us this meat that they called “Sweet Bread” which I quickly discovered is not bread…or sweet for that matter. Our server guy came around again so we tried to have him explain what this “sweet bread” meat actually was. He kept pointing to his throat…which was confusing, so I tried to explain to him what Americans think sweet bread is, that it’s like cake, it’s not meat. He didn’t speak much English, so he showed us the menu, and it definitely said “Sweet Bread.” Come to find out (after Max and I both ate some) that it was cow thyroid gland. And that, my friends, is officially the sickest thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.

One more thing. I decided that if you put an “el” at the beginning of any word and an “o” at the end, you pretty much sound like you’re speaking Spanish – hence the title of this post.


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