UPDATE: 5:39pm

Whew! What a craaaaazy day! As I was sending out “pray now” texts to some family and friends I realized that maybe I should try out this twitter thing. I know a bunch of you are already using it, I’ve been hesitant – but must admit that it would have come in handy today.

Just so you know, everything is back to normal and running smoothly at the hospital. Ryan helped move evacuated patients in and out of different areas of the hospital and I’m sure this is a day he won’t soon forget!

I am so thankful that no one was seriously hurt. Amazingly, even the people inside the helicopter got out okay before the explosion. Thank you for all the prayers, texts, emails and calls!

You are wonderful!

To see video click HERE


About 15 minutes ago a helicopter crashed on top of Ryan’s hospital. He is okay, but is busy helping with the evacuation. I don’t know how many people are hurt, all I know is what I’ve learned from the news in Grand Rapids so far. Please pray for Ryan and for all the people involved!

You can follow the local news online at wzzm13.com or woodtv.com

Go hug your loved ones!

UPDATE 1:33pm

Grand Rapids – A news conference was held this afternoon to discuss the details of a helicopter crash at Spectrum Butterworth. It happened a little after 11:08 a.m.

Matt VanVranken, President of Spectrum Health, confirms the helicopter crashed on the helipad located on the 11th floor of the hospital. VanVranken says there was a pilot and one passenger on board when the helicopter crashed on the helipad. They were able to escape before the helicopter caught on fire. The FAA says the helicopter was on a training mission, practicing approaches to the hospital.

An eyewitness said the helicopter landed, then lifted off and got to about 100 feet. According to the witness, it looked like the rear rotor clipped an antenna and the helicopter crashed down onto the helipad and rolled on its side. There is not much left of the helicopter.

Patients and staff have been evacuated from the top floors of the hospital. Those who were on the 8th floor or below are now back in their rooms. Surgeries scheduled today have been postponed and ambulances were the only vehicles given access to the hospital. At one point, there was a loss of power. But it has since been restored.

Emergency crews are responding from all across the city. Some of the main roads around the hospital are being re-opened. The Grand Rapids Police Department reports that some side roads will remain closed to allow investigators to search for debris.

Spectrum Health Emergency is closed. All emergencies are being routed to St. Mary’s Hospital.


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