What would you have done?

Ryan was on call last night so I was home alone. I drove home from work around 8pm and as I rounded the corner of the alley behind our apartment where my parking spot is I saw these two ragamuffin-looking men sitting on the ground by the trash can drinking beers. They seemed quite intoxicated, so (being the smart girl that I am) I just drove right past my parking spot back out to the road and parked my car on the street. When I got into my house I set the alarm – which is what I always do when Ryan is on call, and I walked into the kitchen where the windows overlook the alley and my parking spot. The guys were still there, but a cop car had also arrived.

I got kinda excited…wondering what was going to happen – so I inconspicuously opened the kitchen window so I could hear the exchange.

Basically, These guys apparently had never heard about the “public intoxication” law, and had quite a few things to say to the cop – who called for back-up. Two more cop cars arrived within a few minutes. There I was, looking out my kitchen window at 5 cops, 3 cop cars, two drunk guys and a trash can.

The guys didn’t get in trouble, the cops just told them “don’t drink in public” and sent them on their way…which was a bit disappointing for me. They just walked up the alley back over to the park across the street.

______________ But wait! There’s more!______________

I can’t figure out how to get the air conditioning to work in our apartment. I thought I got it before I went to bed last night, but I woke up at 3am all sweaty, so I got up to open all the windows in the house. When I got to the kitchen window I looked out and there was a different guy than before and he was PEEING ON MY HOUSE!!!

For real.

I considered poking my own eyes out from utter disgust, but it was 3am, so I just laughed and went back to bed…

What would you have done?


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