Hope College Pictures

One of the favorite things of our life is that we happen to live in a place where a lot of our friends from Hope College are close by. It makes it easy to get together for a BBQ every now and again…Joel and Sarah live right next door, Luke and Linds are just a few hour drive and sometime Bryant and Becky even make it from Colorado!

You know those times when you really wish you had a camera handy? Those “life moments” that will slip by and may be forgotten? Well, while Ryan was in college he did a great job capturing pictures of his friends and their shenanigans. If Ryan hadn’t taken those pics, this moment of everyone enjoying those memories 5-8 years later would have never happened. They might have forgotten that time they tied Bryant to that tree in the pine grove.

A digi cam is a great investment – but only if you take it with you!!

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