Camp Adventure

My mom and dad are hanging out with a few hundred middle school students at Camp Adventure this week. DC Curry had something to say about the fact that my dad is at camp again this year. There is something really special about following a leader who leads by example instead of just telling you how to do stuff. I think DC said it well:

I love that I can sit out here, at camp, with our Senior Pastor, and learn from him. He doesn’t do mini-conference sessions, or sit me down in front of a white board, or say “DC if you do these 10 things, camp will rock!” NO, it’s by watching him that I learn all the lessons of ministry that will be helpful for me as a young leader, leading a ministry underneath his umbrella.


(If you can’t tell, I’m extremely grateful to have a senior pastor who cares about our students as much as I do!)

Camp Adventure is really special to my family (I wrote about that HERE) and to thousands of Granger’s students who have been campers, and counselors at Camp Adventure. Pray for the team of counselors this week as they lead by example 24/7 saying “Follow me ‘cuz I’m following Jesus” to a bunch of potential world-changers.


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