Daley Hake is coming soon!

Dear Everyone I know in Grand Rapids, Granger, South Bend, Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta and Dallas!

I wanted you to know that one of my all-time favorite photographers DALEY HAKE is coming to your town really soon and he is booking photo shoots for a great price! Only $300 (usually they start at $500) and he is letting you download the images you want for free – which is insane.

Check out his PROMO HERE

Check out this awesome shot of my friend Los and his family!
So now that you’re really amazed and interested, here are the dates from Daley:

  • I fly into Grand Rapids on July 21st
  • Arrive in South Bend/Granger Indiana by the morning of the 23rd. Idealy, we can do a full day of shooting in the South Bend/Granger area and get in everyone who has expressed interest.
  • We would like to make it to Indianapolis by the night of the 23rd.Shoot all day on the 24th with the goal being…
  • Arrive in Nashville the night of the 24th.
  • Head down to Atlanta sometime around the 27th – 31st
  • Next would be Dallas (around the 2nd) and Phoenix (4th) – ish

As you can see…this is not a rest and relaxation trip. We are trying to move someone across the country with gas at $5 a gallon, which brings me to my next point: I’m offering photo shoots for significantly cheaper than usual: $300 (i usually start at $500) for family photos/engagement shoots/simple band shoots ect. This basically covers the cost of the shoot + having your edits uploaded to an online gallery where prints can easily be ordered and delivered to your door. From this gallery you will also have the option to download the digital copies of the photos for free (something photographers never do – and I will no longer do after this trip).
That said, despite the tight schedule, if you would like to take advantage of such an offer, please feel free to email Julie at: Booking(at)Daleyhake(dot)com
We would love to get everything confirmed as soon as possible.


So there you go! Check out DaleyHake.com to see his work!
HERE is Kem
HERE is Los and his fam
HERE is someone I don’t know
HERE is some other cool family


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