Shirtless Guy

Its summertime again, the weather is warm and people are out and about
…all night long
…yelling the F word.

It’s true. Last summer I actually called the cops because there were some guys outside of our house at 3am having some huge loud heated argument. When the GRPD answered the phone I said, “Hi, I live downtown, its 3am and some guys outside are yelling the F word”

Apparently this is not a good enough reason for the police to intervene.

So last night it happened again…but I didn’t call the cops. There is this old guy (we’ll call him “shirtless guy”) who recently moved in on our street. A couple of nights ago Shirtless Guy was out on his porch, shirtless (of course) drinking and stumbling around by himself while singing along to country songs as loud as he could.

When I got home from work last night he was out there again, talking loudly and drunkly to no one specific about how when he got out of prison his step kids got taken away and put into foster care because his girlfriends parents were too old? I don’t really know what it meant, but he was very passionate and animated in his story telling.

Last night I got woken up by the sound of Shirtless Guy yelling and screaming and banging stuff around. He seemed really upset about something, and he was yelling the F-word a lot! I was a little worried that he might hurt himself or someone else – so I just laid there praying for him while I listened to him rant.

Do the cops want to know that this guy is crazy or disturbing the peace or publicly intoxicated or do they only care if I call once it’s too late and he has already hurt himself or someone else?

I feel bad for this guy. I think he has made a lot of bad decisions and now he is stuck. He has no one. It’s really sad. What would you have done?


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