The Big Ticket Festival

Last weekend a couple of my friends from vox got to go up to Gaylord, MI with me for The Big Ticket Festival. It was awesome! Katie and Tony were a blast to travel with. Thanks for hanging out guys! So fun!
We had some trouble on the drive up, including not being able to turn off the seat heater and needing to stop in Cadillac because the company car seemed to be in need of an oil change. Once we got there, it was smooth sailing!

The Stand Strength Team was there, so after they finished ripping some phone books in half and blowing up some watter bottles like balloons I got called out of the crowd – of course.

First they put these 4 little kids up on this lift and the power team guy squat thrusted them while this other Power Team guy talked about how little kids need Jesus and that God loves little kids. The crowd went nuts as Bruiser lifted the kids up and down with his legs. Then they had 4 teenagers get up in the lift and talked about how Teenagers need to lean on God and trust in God. It was at this moment that I noticed that only 3 other people were left in line with me.

Then the power team guy reached his hand out to me to help me into the lift and was talking about how even “Huge Old Adults” need the strength of Jesus in their lives. Yep, I am officially a “huge, old, adult”. Of course, the crowd could not believe that some guy could possibly squat thrust all of us “huge, old, adults” so they went nuts as we were lifted up and down.

Then, to top it off, they had JCKHMMR get in the lift with us…which added 295 pounds…and the guy still squat thrusted us! I was amazed, as you can see by my face.
Have you heard of the band Waverly? Well, I’m not really the head-banger type, but you should have seen me by the 4th song I was going nuts just like the rest of the crowd. Awesome! They are one of my new favorite bands.

I also got up-close to the main stage for Leeland, Newsboys and David Crowder. My friends Sean and Kelli were there too – so I got to hang out with them a little bit, which was awesome. Sean ran the spotlight for Newsboys and TobyMac like a pro. Nice work Sean!

Over 10,000 people were at TBTF this year. YOU SHOULD GO TO THIS FESTIVAL NEXT YEAR!! It’s family-friendly! The festival is not just for youth groups or teenagers, but for families to go all together. I think it’s a neat niche. They even had a petting zoo with some tiny white bunnies!


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