Aaron in Malawi

My little brother Aaron leaves early tomorrow morning for a 10-day mission trip in Malawi, Africa. He and a team of people from Summit Church will be working with on organization called “Children of the Nations” that helps children orphaned by AIDS.

  • Pray for the more than 25 million infected with AIDS in Africa and the 12 million children who have been orphaned by AIDS.
  • Pray for churches in Africa. God is working through his people in Africa and in many ways the world is looking to see what the church will do. Pray that God will continue to strengthen his people.
  • Pray for Aaron’s team and for the people they will meet in Africa while we are there. Pray that God will begin to work in their circumstances and relationships to prepare them for what He will do in their lives.

Click HERE to read a story from the Orlando Sentinel from a girl who just got back from Malawi on a trip doing similar things that Aaron will be doing.

Aaron! I am so proud of you! Shine brightly for Jesus and lead your team well. I know you’ll do awesome helping people know that they matter to Jesus! I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your stories!


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