Great Friends

I love these ladies. Last weekend I got to spend the afternoon eating burritos, laughing and hearing their stories. First of all, I love my little sister Angela. She is hilarious and awesome. Secondly, I love Brooke. Because of Brooke, I seriously need a “Magic Bullet” in my life. She could sell a “Magic Bullet” to anyone! I also love my friend Ruby.

Ruby has been in town for a few weeks this summer to visit friends and raise support because she has committed to Back 2 Back ministries in Mexico to teach for another year. I am so proud of Ruby. If you want to learn more about what she is doing you can read her blog. If you want to give her some money to help fund the coming year, click HERE and tell them it’s for Ruby Moyer
I would be lying if I told you this picture happened naturally. It took us many tries because we were laughing so much…as you can see below.


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