The Cabin

This is a packed car. Now add my mom and dad, Aaron, Angela and John and you’ve got a REALLY packed car!

We stopped on the way for some fresh fruits and veggies from the fresh fruits and veggies stand. Do not rub a fuzzy peach on your face…it may seem soft at first, then it will itch.

Our cabin was so cool! A historic and rustic log cabin with one shower for all of us! It was built in 1936 and was designed by Harry Weese for his parents when he was 18 years old in architecture school! I guess he did good…it’s still standing.

Our home for the week had a HUGE fireplace (which we built 14-log fires in). One of my favorite things about it was the gigantic table that we all ate at and played games at. Suprisingly, Aaron and John beat Ryan and I at euchre…about 11 times.
This was the view from the house and our dock.

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