Sunny Days on Glen Lake

One really fun thing we did while we were vacationing at Glen Lake was rent a boat that we could tool around in and jump off of. When my dad booked the boat for the week, we were all under the impression that we would just park it at our dock. When we got there, we realized that the water by the dock…and about 30 feet away from the dock was only ankle deep – too shallow to swim, let alone park a giant beast of a boat.

Luckily there was a swim platform out a little ways that we could tie the boat to. The only problem with this method was that we had to swim to the boat whenever we wanted to go for a ride. This also meant that when we came home from a sunset cruise we had to swim back to shore in the cold night air and run inside to dry off by the fire.
So Aaron decided to turn a rickety old canoe that we found under the porch into a water-taxi. We didn’t have any paddles, so he used a big stick and guided us thru the water to the boat and back. We started getting brave, loading all the gear as well as three or 4 of us into the canoe at one time.

Family vacations are all about building memories, right?


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