Ang, John and The Pull

We had a really fun weekend. Angela and John came to town for The Pull on Saturday, so we got to have dinner with them on Friday night. Have I told you about the Pull? It’s a tradition at Hope College that has been going on for 111 years! Odd year classes tog-o-war against even year classes across the Black River. It began as a friendly rivalry, but has become more and more intense over the decades. Can you see Ang and John in the background of this picture?
They are now to the point where each puller digs a pit and lays on the rope – there are team signals and calls so every puller is in sync with the team. Moralers (that’s what I did) kneel by each puller calling out the heaves since the puller can’t see the leader since he’s down in a pit. It’s intense. Some people actually heave.
Ryan and I love to hear their hilarious stories. John and I are both odd-year pull team alumni… he has faithfully attended the odd-year events and the actual Pull each year. I have not, but I am proud to announce that Odd Year won again this year.



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