5-year Reunion

The big event, Saturday night at New Holland Brewery. Almost 100 class of 2003 graduates came to the reunion event! 97 of our classmates and their spouses were registered to attend and a hand full more just showed up! It was a great turn out and everyone seemed to have fun reconnecting with old friends, eating pizza and watching the slide show that was put together for our Senior Banquet 5 years ago. I love hearing about all the amazing jobs and lives that people have today. From news anchors to brainiacs writing mathematical software for the government, to moms with 3 kids! I was so busy talking to everyone that this was the only picture I took!I got to see a bunch of the girls that lived on my floor in Gilmore and connected live with some of my blogging friends as well. Tiece, Mindy and Jen all have great blogs that I read on a weekly basis…and they read mine too! We have all grown closer over the last couple of years in the blogosphere than we ever were in college and decided that we should actually hang out in person sometime soon!

All in all the reunion was a blast. Thanks for coming everyone! If you want to stay connected to some of your friends from Hope check out the 2003 Alumni Facebook group!


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